The Drawings of the Florentine Painters

Bernard Berenson’s Drawings of the Florentine Painters is a digital resource based on Berenson’s publication of the same name. This research tool allows you to search for any of the drawings listed in the three editions (1903, 1938 in English; 1961, in Italian). Filters allow you to search Berenson’s information by artist, title (in English or Italian), location, and technique. Each entry includes key information from all three editions of Berenson’s text, as well as the current location, an image of the catalog page, and plates included in 1903; most entries also have links to museum webpages, including images. For information about how the data was prepared, how to use the site, and for background on Berenson’s scholarship, see the About page.
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Fra Bartolommeo

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Filippino Lippi

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Andrea Del Sarto

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Uffizi Gallery

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Musée du Louvre

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British Museum

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black chalk drawings

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